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White House Pollinator Health Strategy


Additional info on this Initiative will be added as available.

June 20 2014 Executive Order Signing.

Article on the White House Pollinator Health Strategy


First "product" issued for the Pollinator Health Strategt project: 

A 50-page document entitled "Supporting the Health of Bees and Other Pollinators"

Monarchs & Climate Change


Climate Change


Dr James Hansen article entitled "Moanrchs Return?"


Dr James Hansen article (pdf): It's a Hard-Knock Butterfly's Life


Alaska Science Forum:  There's still time, but not much (monarchs mentioned in a Hansen talk review)


Brief article about Dr Hansen:


Potential impact of climate change on monarch butterflies

by Rebecca Batalden PhD Dissertation August 2011.





A closeup of this neat poster on native bees can be viewed here: 

" Three Amigos" Letter
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