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Monarch Mentors. ​

Monarch Mentors was founded by Ina Warren in 2003 to train 55 local Extension Master Gardener Volunteers to provide monarch conservation programs to area K-12 classrooms. It was a success and was heralded by the County School Superintendent and the teachers. So, we are expanding the program to include schools and the larger community.


Monarch Mentors (MM) will offer simple, periodic trainings (local to WNC, usually monthly) to assist, equip and empower volunteers to give basic monarch & pollinator public programs to a variety of groups. These might be church, civic, corporate organizations, youth clubs (scouts/4H), garden groups, etc.


Upon completion of the local WNC training, the new "Monarch Mentor" pledges to schedule three (3) public programs (formal or informal) during the year to "pay it forward" for monarch conservation.  


For those outside the scope of commuting to the WNC area trainings, we will try to help connect potential mentors with naturalists or biologists in their area. 


If you would like to attend a training and become a Mentor, send Ina an email here.


Click here (or mouse over 2015 Mentors Team) to meet our Mentors:!about-2015-team/cfcr

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