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Nectar Resources for Waystations

Full descriptions coming soon.

Importance of lipids to migrating monarchs

5 minute audio recording from Dr Chip Taylor on the monarch's life cycle dependence on lipids (converted from flower nectar) in the annual fall migration and spring re-migration; click here:

Buddleja - Butterfly Bushes


In areas where sufficient quantities of native plants are not available for whatever reason (poor soil, priced too expensively, not locally available in the trade, etc) Buddleja could be what's standing between butterflies (and other pollinators) and starvation.


Expect a blog post about this soon.

Aster Family

The Aster Famly has many of the most important fall nectar sources for monarchs and other pollinators:  Goldenrods, Joe Pye Weed, Ironweed, Boneset, Purple Asers, Daisies, thistles and hundreds more species ranging in many habitats all across the country. 


More detailed info coming soon on this and other botanical families that are great in Waystation plantings. 

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