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Monarch Waystations = Gardens with Milkweed

Milkweed - it's what's for dinner . . .

                     . . . for a monarch caterpillar.

Biota of North America Program

See "Local Resources" for additional vendors in Asheville area that carry Asclepias at various times of the year.

The Xerces Society's
Milkweed Project

Lots of great reading and resources here:


Access PDF for Milkweed: A Conservation Practioners Guide here:

Methods of Propagating Milkweeds

USFS publication: Monarchs and milkweeds: The current situation and methods for propagating milkweeds

by Tara Luna & R. Kasten Dumroese.


This map (from the link below) shows approximate ecoregions best suited for milkweeds.  Identify your area's number and cross reference it to the listing for native milkweeds.


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