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Monarch Festivals
Gary Paul Nabhan

Poems, prayers, stories and songs for pollinators


Traveling Mercies Prayer for Pollinators

by Dr Gary Nabhan


A Terroir-ist’s Manifesto for Eating in Place



Feb. 1, 2015 - "A Tale of Two Views"

Terrific interview with Gary Nabhan and Joel Salatin in Edible Kansas City article

by Nancy Kelso


Save the Monarch
by John Hall &
Dar Williams

John Hall (of the band Orleans) has written a lovely song called SAVE THE MONARCH and performs it with Dar Williams.  They are donating all the royalties from the sales to non-profit conservation groups.  From Jan 1- June 30, the Natural Resources Defense Council will be the chosen recepient! 


The lyrics are posted on the "Save the Monarch" webpage and you are encouraged to visit i-Tunes and purchase the song for $1.29, to learn the tune and if you so choose, have a sing-along at your Monarch Mentors Slide Shows.

Brevard College Eaarthfest - Eaarth Day Celebration report


This Little Yard of Mine - YouTube

A fun 5 minute you tube video features monarch education and a pat-your-feet sing along version of "This Little Light of Mine".


Lyrics and most of the photographs by Ina Warren. Music performed by Dor L'Dor Band of Knoxville, TN featuring Jamie Warren of Brevard College.  Video created by Adrian Thysse of Edmonton, ALB from slide show and sound files. 


What a happenin' tune!  Check it out!

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