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Terrific resources for teachers:


These are appropriate for formal educators in classrooms -and- informal educators

working with civic groups such as scouts, 4H, adult garden clubs, etc.


Very thorough website for many items related to monarch biology,

milkweed propagation, migration, etc here:


Set aside a LOT of time to explore the Journey North website.  It. Is. Wonderful. 


This link shows a larger view of the monarch's annual cycle by months:





Smart phone apps to assist classroom citizen science

Journey North mobile phone app:


Bee Smart mobile phone app:


Lost Lady Bug mobile phone app:




Monarch Lab

An excellent series of training videos for the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project may be viewed for free at this link:


K-8 adaptable lesson plans involving monarchs in the classroom and the wonderful critters of the milkweed patch:




Monarch Larva Monitoring Project


MLMP website has a basic monarch life cycle Power Point of slides and transcript to print and read here: 


Notes here:


Monarch Conservation Talking Points here:


Many multi-media press articles & links here:


Numerous helpful publications housed here:


28-minute DVD tells the story of the monarch butterfly: its life cycle and migration, its connection to people, cultures and critical environmental issues. English/Spanish/French. Info here:


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