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Coming Soon:

Over the coming year, I hope to provide digital slide shows & narration scripts (for free download)

to help you provide an easy and effective monarch conservation program to your community groups.

For more info, send an email .

  About MM

The definition of "mentoring" says it all:

the act of teaching, guiding or advising someone seeking knowledge.


Sharing the immense importance of

pollinators as 

"the little things that run the world." 



Get Involved

Monarch Mentors

three main goals:


(1) Maintaining this website to help community-minded leaders to access a slide show that has a slide-by-slide printed  narration to share with civic groups


(2) Helping others understand the importance of milkweeds and nectar plants and how to locate them

for local plantings


(3) Taking our monarch conservation slide show into the school classrooms that request them


Many environmental issues are just too big in scope for us to feel we can effect a positive change. Providing a one-hour program on monarchs and other pollinators can enable and empower others to become actively involved in restoring pollinator habitat. 


A number of excellent video or audio lectures may be found at this link.



Periodic updates and media links will be posted in the Blog section as they

become available.


Feel free to email me if you find other interesting links





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